Companies of Extractive Industry

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We have a work experience with such companies of mining sector of economy as:

Aktobe Copper Company, LLP (copper, zinc, silver);
APPAK, LLP (uranium);
AREVA NS, JSC (uranium);
Buzachi Operating Ltd, Branch (oil);
Caspii Neft TME, JSC (oil);
CNPC International (Buzachi) Inc., Branch (oil);
Copper Technology, LLP (copper, zinc, silver);
ExxonMobil Kazakhstan Inc., Branch (oil);
Falcon Oil and Gas LTD, LLP (oil & gas);
FIAL JV, LLP (oil);
First International Oil Corporation LTD, Branch (oil);
Inkai JV, LLP(uranium);
Gyural, LLP (oil);
Karakudukmunay, LLP (oil);
KATCO JV, LLP (uranium);
Khazarmunai, LLP (oil & gas);
KMK Munay, JSC (oil);
LUKOIL Overseas Service LTD., Branch (oil & gas);
Nelson Petroleum Buzachi B.V., Branch (oil);
Oil Techno Group, LLP (oil);
ONGC Videsh Limited, Branch (oil & gas);
Firm Phystech, LLP (oil);
Potential Oil, LLP (oil);
Pricaspian Petroleum Company, LLP (oil);
Rio Tinto Mining and Exploration Limited, Branch (nonferrous metals);
Sagiz Petroleum Company, LLP (oil);
Samek International, LLP (oil & gas);
Sazankurak, LLP (oil);
Semyzbay-U, LLP (uranium);
TethysAralGaz, LLP (oil & gas);
Tenge JV, LLP (oil & gas);
Varvarinskoye, JSC (gold);
Zhalgiztobemunai, SLLP (oil) and etc.


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