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International Taxation

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Consultations on matters concerning taxation and tax administration (accounting) of activity carried out by legal entities or individuals, including foreign companies. MinTax offers following consultancy services related to international taxation that will ensure optimisation of tax liabilities with respect to:

  • selection of legal forms of  legal entities or their structural subdivisions in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • selection of form of organization of legal entities’ transactions and their paperwork/ documentary drawing up;
  • coordination of issues concerning tax legislation, including different interpretation with state bodies directly or indirectly related to the companies activity;
  • issues related to organization of companies interaction with Tax Authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan to solve issues related to administration of tax liabilities; 
  • coordination of accounting and tax records maintenance;

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Name of “MinTax” used in this proposal, depending on the context, can refer to MinTax LLP or MinTax Audit LLP and to its structural subdivisions as well. MinTax LLP and MinTax Audit LLP are included into MinTax Group acting on the basis of the Partnership Agreement, and are considered to be separate and independent legal entities founded under the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation, and they are responsible for all rights and obligations only on their behalf. The Companies which are included in MinTax Group are not responsible for any actions or omissions of each other