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Check up of perspective financial information

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Perspective financial information includes events and actions, which have not occurred yet, but may not occur. While evidence, confirming allowances on which financial information is based, may be available; such evidences are mainly oriented to future, and, therefore, are of positive nature, as against evidences which are usually received in the audit of financial information for previous periods. Perspective financial information may include financial statements or one or several components of financial statements and may be prepared:


(а) as an internal management instrument, for example, for estimation of possible capital investments; or


(б) for presentation to third parties, for example, in the form of:


  • prospects, with the purpose of presentation to potential investments of information about future perspective;
  • annual report to provide shareholders, supervisory agencies and other persons interested in it with information;
  • document, including information for creditors, which may for example include, a cash flow forecast. 

An auditor may be involved in the check up of perspective financial information and presentation of a report to build a trust to it, notwithstanding, whether it is intended for use by third parties or for internal use.

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Name of “MinTax” used in this proposal, depending on the context, can refer to MinTax LLP or MinTax Audit LLP and to its structural subdivisions as well. MinTax LLP and MinTax Audit LLP are included into MinTax Group acting on the basis of the Partnership Agreement, and are considered to be separate and independent legal entities founded under the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation, and they are responsible for all rights and obligations only on their behalf. The Companies which are included in MinTax Group are not responsible for any actions or omissions of each other