Participation in the XI Annual conference for the businessmen of EEU countries

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Representatives of MinTax Group: Andrey Khorunzhiy – Managing Partner, Vice President of Chamber of Tax Consultants PA  (CTC PA), Gaukhar Narbekova – Partner, Auditor, DipFR (ACCA),  CIPA Certificate, Tax Consultant, Saule Sultanova – Senior Manager, Auditor, DipFR (ACCA), CIPA Certificate, Tax consultant, traditionally presented their reports at XI Annual Practical Conference for the businessmen of EEU countries under the title “Development of economic relations within EEU. Ways to harmonize tax relations” which took place on 30 March 2017 in Korme Exhibition Centre of Astana city.

The Conference was organized by the Akimat of Astana city, CTC PA, Atakentexpo IEC, with the support of Atameken Kazakhstan National Chamber of Entrepreneurs (Atameken NCE RK) and the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The participants of the conference were welcomed by K. Isabekov - Head of Investments and Development Department of Astana city Akimat, N. Isabekov - Chairman of Atameken NCE RK and V. Benderskiy – Counsel of the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation.

K. Miyatov – Head of Indirect Taxes Administration Department of the State Revenue Committee of RoK Ministry of Finance presented a report on the topic “Improvement of tax administration”. He noted that, tax relations and their harmonization within a single economic space are one of the important issues of planning investment activity.

A. Khorunzhiy – Managing Partner of Mintax Group, in his report titled “Tax planning as an element of business sustainability” addressed issues related to tax planning of the state and business and its impact on the organizational structure of business. He noted how it was important for the business to receive timely information about tax consequences of business decisions being taken, in particular - regarding minimization of tax risks in respect of applying the legislation on government control of transfer pricing.

A report titled “International taxation as an element of planning business organization in the Republic of Kazakhstan” was presented by Gaukhar Narbekova – MinTax Group Partner. In her report, Gaukhar spoke about the ways to optimize taxation of transactions with non-residents, current forms of doing business in Kazakhstan, by comparison between creating a structural unit (branch, representative office) in RoK and creating a legal entity in RoK (advantages and weaknesses).

In her report on the topic “IFRS influence on taxation”, Saule Sultanova - Auditor, Senior Manager of Mintax Group, spoke about the importance of IFRS principles and their influence on tax relations. Also her report covers the abilities of auditing companies in cooperating with EEU entities that intend to do business in Kazakhstan, in terms of organizing bookkeeping and tax accounting, in particular, by means of outsourcing.

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