"Financial and Tax Accounting for Property, Plant and Equipment" seminar held at KTA

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On 20 April 2018 MinTax Audit LLP, the Expert status member of Kazakhstan Taxpayers’ Association (KTA)in the framework of long-term cooperation, has conducted a regular seminar on the subject “Financial and tax accounting for property, plant and equipment”.


The speakers, Gaukhar Narbekova, Partner, Director of Audit Department, RoK Auditor, and Karlygash Abyldayeva, Senior Manager, RoK Auditor, have covered main principles and methods of fixed assets accounting under IAS 16 “Property, Plant and Equipment”, as well as norms provided for by the current Tax Code, regulating the tax accounting for fixed assets deductions for CIT purposes.


The seminar was attended by representatives of accounting and tax departments from about 20 companies, including National companies, financial institutions, major subsurface users and others.


During the seminar, participants asked questions to the lecturers related to the financial and tax accounting for property, plant and equipment arising directly in the their companies’ bookkeeping, based on the branch’s specifics.


After the seminar, the presentation materials were sent to all attendees to their electronic mail addresses.


The organizers of the seminar, in particular - KTA representatives, thanked the lecturers for holding the seminar which produced a positive feedback from the audience.

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