On amendments and additions to the RoK Tax Code effective from 8 June 2018

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The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 156-VI dated 24 May 2018 "On Amendments and Additions to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Improving Regulation of Business Activity” introduced some amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on issues related to improving the regulation of entrepreneurial activities, in particular, to the Tax Code.

Thus, Articles 25 and 26 of the Tax Code are supplemented by clauses concerning the interaction of state bodies and the "Government for Citizens” State Corporation, as well as the obligations of the "Government for Citizens" State Corporation to submit to the tax authorities information on taxpayers provided for by the Tax Code.

Significant changes were made to the procedure for conducting tax inspections. In particular, now there are two types of tax inspections: tax inspections conducted under special procedure based on risk assessment and unscheduled tax inspections. Thus, selective tax inspections are replaced by tax inspections conducted under a special procedure based on the risk assessment.

Tax inspections conducted in accordance with a special procedure on the basis of risk assessment will be carried out by semi-annual schedule, and information about the schedule of tax inspections does not constitute a tax secret.  

The Tax Code has also been supplemented with a requirement of compulsory VAT registration for individuals engaged in private practice (i.e. private notaries, private bailiffs, lawyers, professional mediators, etc.), if the turnover for the purposes of VAT registration exceeds the minimum turnover during the calendar year. In addition, persons engaged in private practice are allowed to pass VAT registration on a voluntary basis.

Some clarifications were also added to the procedure for the performance of VAT refund in cases when VAT to be offset exceeds the amount of VAT assessed, and the excess has formed in the declaration as a cumulative total at the end of the reporting tax period.

The Law of the RoK #156-VI dated 24 May 2018 is put into effect upon expiry of ten calendar days from the day of its first official publication (published on 28 May 2018 with the exception of certain paragraphs).


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