Penalties for Unpaid Taxes and Other Obligatory Payments to The Budget

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One of the financial measures applied for failure to comply with the payment deadlines of fees and charges is a penalty.

The penalty is calculated on a daily basis and is to be paid regardless of whether the taxpayer was subject to other methods to ensure fulfillment of outstanding obligations to pay taxes and other obligatory payments to the Budget and measures of enforced collection, as well as other measures of responsibility for violation of the tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The penalty is assessed for each day of delay, starting from the day following the day when the deadline for payment of tax and other obligatory payment to the Budget occurs, including related advances and (or) current payments, including the date of payment to the budget, equal to 2.5-fold the official refinancing rate set by the National Bank for each day of delay.

Penalty is also charged to banks or organizations carrying out certain types of banking operations, for failure to comply with the sequence of writing off taxes and other obligatory payments from bank accounts.

No penalties are charged on penalties and fines. 

Penalty shall not be charged on the amount of arrears which were settled by setting off an overpaid amount of tax and (or) payment from the date of the payment document related to the set-off. 

No penalty shall be charged if there is an excessively paid amount of the tax. 

Formula for penalty calculation: P=(A*R/100*k*D)/365, where 

P – penalty charged 

A – tax arrears 

R – refinancing rate 

k - ratio 

D – number of days

Every taxpayer may independently calculate the penalty at

State Revenue Department of Astana city

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