On 31 January 2014, a regular meeting of the Public Council under the Tax Department in Almaty was held

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On 31 January 2014, a regular meeting of the Public Council was held under the Tax Department in Almaty. Source: http://www.nda.kz

Public Council is an advisory body consisting of 20 business associations and associations representing various business sectors.

Activity of Public Council is aimed at efficient and effective tools for constructive dialogue between businesses and tax authorities.

Public Council was opened by the Head of the Tax Department of Almat, B. E. Karymsakov.

As noted by the head of the department, the tax authorities of Almaty each time achieve some success, is constantly working to improve the quality of services provided to taxpayers, control system in tax authorities by ordering optimization and reengineering of business - processes.

To date, the work of the tax authorities of Almaty is aimed at establishing partnerships with taxpayers by providing opportunities for independent elimination of violations, without penalty and tax audits.

Based on results 2013, 9342 taxpayers eliminated violations independently and paid 88 billion tenge additionally to the budget.

At the meeting, the deputy head of the Department, S.D. Matchanov, Amanov G.M., the president of the Association of furniture and woodworking industry of the RoK Mr. M.N Glukhov and the head of tax appeals and clarifications, K.A. Tumenbayev.

Deputy Head of Department, S.D. Matchanov highlighted the ongoing work on the liquidation of taxpayers and further improvement of the order of liquidation. In particular, the procedure of liquidation has been simplified for the last years. In 2009, a simplified procedure for liquidation of individual entrepreneurs was introduced. A person should only file an application. In a half of the month the person will get a conclusion of cameral control followed deregistration as a taxpayer. At the same time, even if in the course of in-house control violations are identifies, the taxpayers will be given a notification to perform independent elimination of errors without inspection and sanctions.

A number of pending applications has been reduced over the last three years. In 2009, the percentage of applications processed was 68 %, in 2013 - 85%. The remaining 15 % are in the work and will be completed in due time.

Deputy Head of G.M. Amanov presented information in his report being performed by tax authorities in Almaty to improve the quality of public services, measures to improve relations with taxpayers.

In particular, the speaker outlined the main directions of the work to improve the quality of tax services:

- Improving conditions for taxpayers in acquisition of public services;

- Automation and expanding the list of electronic services, optimization of FTR;

- Re-engineering processes and modernization of tax structure of the tax authorities of Almaty.

It was also noted that, more than 240 thousand business entities (100,3 thousand legal entities and 140,8 thousand individual entrepreneurs), more than 1.2 million taxpayers – individuals  are registered with the tax authorities of the city made. ​​ More than 3 million of public services (2013 - 3 201,5 thousand services) are provided in a year. More than 1,4 million of tax reporting forms are received and processed. Each fifth tax application in the Republic passes through the hands of employees of Almaty public services.

President of the Association of furniture and woodworking industry, RoK, M.N. Glukhov told the participants of the meeting   the expected changes in the graduation of small and medium-sized businesses and the proposed changes in the tax system for small and medium businesses.

Head of tax appeals and clarifications, K.A. Tumenbayev highlighted the major amendments to the legislative acts on taxation matters from 01.01.2014.

He noted that these amendments are aimed primarily at reducing the tax burden on taxpayers, elimination of administrative barriers, and improvement of tax administration.

During the discussion of reports by members of the Public Council at the meeting, other issues including those submitted by its members were discussed.

Participants of the Public Council: the president of Almaty Association of Entrepreneurs, V.V. Yambayev, the director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty,  E.D. Stambekov, the president of the AO "Union for the protection of entrepreneurs and owners", V.A. Rezvan , the director of business services  "Secret + Service" V.A. Yermakov, the president of the Association of furniture and woodworking industry of the RoK, M.N. Gluhov and others expressed appreciation to the ongoing work of tax officials and made ​​suggestions for further improvement of applicable  methods on  administration.

Summing up the meeting, the head of the Tax Department of Almaty, B.E. Karymsakov noted the relevance of questions and problems discussed ​​at the meeting, briefed about the future plans to improve tax administration and organization of the work of tax authorities in Almaty.

Source: http://www.nda.kz

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